April in Gamecan

May 11, 2022

In April, our team had activities in and out of the office, read more about what we were up to!

“IT meetup” with our art lead Mattias

Our art lead Mattias was invited to a co-working space in Pärnu called Forwardspace to talk about his story of how he turned his hobby into a career. The event was part of an event series introducing different IT jobs. He talked about how art has affected his life and what kind of “leaps of faith” he has taken to move forward in his professional life. He introduced how 3D modeling is used in game development, what processes are often used in different industries and how to start a career as a 3D modeler.



We went to play paintball with our team. Before we started, we got a quick training about how to use the weapons and made a trip through the play area. The games took place in an old Pärnu brewery, where there are three floors for battles with many hiding places and obstacles. Everyone had their own strategy: running aggressively towards the opponents, just hiding, sniping the enemy team, or sneaking around.  After several battles, everyone was so tired of running and climbing the stairs. For the final round, we went to an open field, where Mattias and Fran ran hand in hand as targets and the rest of the team shot them with paintballs.


Words of the Day

We started another tradition in our office – our management assistant Lisenn writes about 10 Estonian words every day to our board for everyone to learn. Usually, she gets requests from other team members about what kind of words they’d like to learn. Let’s see in a month’s time how fluent they are getting 😀


Adjustments in the production office

In April, we also made some adjustments to our production office layout. We moved desks according to different teams, finished cable management for each desk, and tidied up the room overall.


See you next month!



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