August in Gamecan

Sep 12, 2023

In August, we had our annual retreat to open the collective vacation and welcomed new people to our team!

Unreal Summer Camp

The Full Cycle Game Academy and TalTech University collaborated to launch the Unreal Summer Camp for students from 8th to 11th grade. Drawing young gaming enthusiasts from across Estonia, the camp was about the world of Unreal Engine and game development.

Beyond the structured curriculum of game mechanics, design, and animation, the camp served as a trial run for the Academy’s new classroom. One of the highlights of the camp was the visit to the Gamecan office. The students got a sneak peek into the real game industry and met our Producer Ronnie, who took the time and share insights into the world of game development. An interaction with Gamecan’s CEO, Marten, further enriched their experience, allowing students to ask questions and deepen their passion for the industry.

By the end of the camp, the young participants showed off cool game samples they made. They worked hard and learned a lot. Because it went so well, we’re thinking of having the camp again next summer.

If you’re interested in Game development, keep an eye out!

Closed Playtest of Contenders: Arena

Contenders: Arena’s third closed beta playtest happened from August 9th to 13th, 2023.
The goals were to get gameplay data and user feedback. The playtest still gave us valuable insights into gameplay footage for marketing. It also created a group of dedicated, rule-following players for future projects, making it a mixed but overall positive experience.

Stay tuned to our social media for updates, See you soon on the Arena!


Summer Retreat 2023

We had a blast this year, our summer retreat took place at the awesome Vudila Mängumaa Park, the biggest outdoor water park in Estonia!

The Vudila offered amazing family houses, caravans, rooms, and the coolest nests for all of us to stay in. The weather was incredibly shiny and warm, so our team could try water rides and various pools, and also test the three-level slide. During that time our team tasted delicious snacks, grilled lunch, and of course our favorite dessert: ice creams. The first night ended with us having a fun time dancing and chilling.

The second day started with an English breakfast to fuel us for the day. Our team had so much fun trying the Sky-Jump, dozens of thrilling trampolines, row boats in the lake, motor tracks, and visiting the animal park. And, of course, as is truly our passion for games, part of us spent hours playing electronic games and slot machines.

In the evening, as our tradition, we had the Gamecan Award ceremony, where our peeps were garnered for their special skills and well-done work. After that we celebrated one more day with a funny karaoke time, a dance party, and live music provided by our teammates.

We had an epic time together and can’t wait for our next retreat!

Welcome to Gamecan!

In August we welcomed two new people to our Gamecan team:

  • Marius as Senior Game Designer
  • Rainer as Junior QA Tester

So good to see you in our team!


Until next month!

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