Our internship experience : Helena’s story

Sep 28, 2022

Our marketing & project manager's assistant Helena is sharing her story on how she joined Gamecan!

In March 2022, we hired an intern, who helped to assist our education project manager Maret.

She wants to share her story!

Helena’s experience:

Hello! My name is Helena I am currently studying at the University of Tartu Pärnu College. To complete my last two years of studies, I had to apply for internships. Since I am a Pärnu girl through and through, I wished to do my internship in my hometown.

When I discovered Gamecan, a video game studio in Pärnu, I was immediately interested in applying. I have been immersed in the video game world for half my life, and I knew that I wanted to bring my passion back to video games. So I sent out my CV and cover letter. Next up was my interview with Maret and Gamecan’s CEO Marten. The interviews went well, although I was very nervous. Luckily, I got the internship spot and started my journey at Gamecan. My first day at Gamecan was very interesting. We had a team lunch, where I got to meet the entire team. I have to admit, that I was a little scared because the team is very diverse and the main communication language is English, but thankfully everyone was very welcoming and I started my internship with a good feeling.

It was my first “grown-up” job, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was very happy to realise that this is the job I’d like to do, for a long time. I worked very closely with my manager Maret, who was supporting me every step of the way. I really loved the fact, that I had the chance to tackle tasks on my own, and in return learn and grow.

Full Cycle Game Academy marketing at Pärnu's summer festival!

The main goal of my internship was to write a couple of projects for Full Cycle Game Academy. Mainly for the European Union and our local government. I had just passed my project writing class at my University and I got to use the knowledge I learned from school. No one from my team had any previous EU project experience, so this was a great learning experience for all of us. It took a lot of research and preparation from our team, to even start filling out the proposal. The entire process took almost 2 months, which in retrospect is amazing that we accomplished so much in so little time. I was not expecting that the proposal would take a lot of effort and hard work, especially research. The local government project was a cakewalk, compared to the EU one.

First flyer, that I helped to make!

Besides project writing, I started on Full Cycle Game Academy marketing activities with Maret. I had never done promotional work before, so it took a while to get used to it. One of my tasks was to distribute flyers and posters to Pärnu’s schools, summer festivals and education providers. Maret showed me the ropes of social media marketing, where we created multiple newsletters, press releases and social media posts. After that my “official” internship ended, but luckily Gamecan welcomed me to their team as a marketing & project manager’s assistant!  I got the chance to continue to work on Gamecan’s projects and additional Full Cycle Game Academy marketing. In August, I had the opportunity to take on more tasks, like Gamecan’s social media. Right now, I am learning something new every day and looking forward to my future in Gamecan!

Gamecan team @ MängudeÖÖ

See ya!


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