July in Gamecan

Aug 2, 2022

In July, we had our annual retreat and welcomed new people to our team!

Retreat 2022

For this year’s summer retreat, we visited the beautiful Toosikannu Puhkekeskus. Besides the spacious territory and endless outdoor activities, Toosikannu is also the biggest deer and wildlife park in Estonia! 

Once we arrived, we had lunch and got settled in. Toosikannu offered amazing cabins and rooms for all of us to stay in. The weather was in our favour and the sun was shining, so half of the team had a refreshing swim in the lake. After the swim, our management assistant Lisenn put together a treasure hunt and trivia night, which was really fun. The first night ended with dancing to live music provided by the Latin America-infused band La Luna.  

Our second day started with a rich breakfast to fuel us for the day. The next activity was testing our marksmanship at the shooting range. Unfortunately, the weather was not that kind to us that day, and some of our team members had to take their shots in the pouring rain. After shooting we had our traditional Gamecan Award ceremony, where everyone got awarded for their great work. Our last day at the retreat ended with an adventurous safari trip, a dance party, and live music provided by our teammates.

Already looking forward to our next retreat!

Full Cycle Game Academy

The interest in Full Cycle Game Academy has been amazing. As of the first of August, the application process has ended and already in a month’s time, we will welcome our students to Pärnu. We have students coming from all over the world and we are very happy to have such a talented student list for the first year of Full Cycle game Academy. 

Can’t wait to meet our students! 

New people

In July, two people joined our team – Obiwan and Kermo.  

Obiwan took a 34h long trip from Brazil to join our team in Estonia. Kermo is originally from Põltsamaa, lived in Tallinn for the past few years, and relocated to Pärnu to join Gamecan. 

We held a party for our newcomers to welcome them to Pärnu! 

Until next month!

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