June in Gamecan

Jul 1, 2022

In June, we had different celebrations and explored the traditions of Estonia.

Full Cycle Game Academy

First things first: In May, we announced the opening of our Full Cycle Game Academy. And since then, the support has been amazing!

The engagement and feedback for this academy have been surprisingly positive and a lot of people from around the world are grateful, that we stuck to this idea and brought it to life. 

Admissions are open for 2 more weeks! Find more info here and apply today!


Part of the team took a trip to Saaremaa. The first stop was the border point of Õ and Ö. One of the pronunciation features of the Saaremaa dialect is the lack of the ‘õ’ vowel. This makes the islanders immediately recognizable. Since most of our team doesn’t speak Estonian and don’t know the difference between these two letters, it was a funny/confusing yet educational experience for them. 

On the Island, there are a lot of historical ruins to sightsee. There are two identical castles Maasi and Kuressaare, but all that’s left of Maasi castle are ruins. Comparing the two, gave some important history lessons about Estonia to our team. Everyone was very excited to visit an actual castle. Also, the historical appearance of Vikings in Saaremaa was a pretty cool thing for our team. We of course had to visit the Panga cliff and took some swings at a traditional Estonian swing.

The most important sight to see in Saaremaa was the Kaali crater. Currently, the crater is full of water, so you can’t go into the hole. But the cool thing is that you can admire the crater from a little distance and take in the fact that our tiny country was hit by a meteor.

Lisenn’s graduation

According to Estonian tradition, when someone graduates from school, all your relatives and friends must congratulate the graduate. 

Our management assistant Lisenn graduated from Pärnumaa Vocational Education Centre, as a business management specialist. So, we gathered the team and took a taxi trip to congratulate Lisenn on her graduation. Lisenn gave a heartwarming speech in front of all her peers and made her teacher cry.

Congratulations to Lisenn!

Midsummer’s Day

On the 23rd of June, all of Estonia celebrates Midsummer’s Eve. 

The official date for Midsummer’s Day is the 24th, but it is celebrated on the 23rd. Gamecan celebrated this holiday like true Estonians, by playing traditional games, drinking and eating good food. We found a quiet place in Niidupargi park, where we could grill, sit at a table and play games like rooster fight, football and more. Thanks to our team, our Midsummer’s Eve was mixed with different cultures and international cuisine. 

Next, we visited our local beach, to go swimming for the first time this year. The water was a little cold but really refreshing. Our celebration ended with enjoying Pärnu’s famous sunset.

See you next month!

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