May in Gamecan

Jun 28, 2023

May was an eventful month at Gamecan, filled with exciting visitors, milestones and engaging experiences. Scroll down to read about our highlights!

Minister of Education and Research of Estonia
We had the honor of welcoming the Minister of Education and Research of Estonia Kristina Kallas and two Parliament members Kadri Tali and Peeter Tali to our Full Cycle Game Academy. During their visit, we had the privilege of discussing our future plans and exploring the possibility of support from the Education Ministry. Their visit left us feeling immensely grateful for their support and encouragement.


Äri Eestimaal – the radio show (Business in Estonia)
We were delighted to have a visit from Äri Eestimaal – the radio show. Marten and Maret had the opportunity to give enlightening interviews. They talked about their own roles in the company, as well as shared Gamecan’s story, and showcased our work. The hosts were also given a tour around our office and interviewed some of our team members.


Tallinn 32nd Secondary School
In May, we had the pleasure of hosting numerous visitors, including the Tallinn 32nd Secondary School. During their educational visit to Gamecan, the students had the chance to explore the world of Gamecan and gain valuable insights into the game industry firsthand. At the end of their visits, the students also got a chance to play our game and had a lot of fun!


School of Paikuse students from 7th and 9th grade
We had another student group visit us in May, this time from the School of Paikuse. The students are all learning entrepreneurship, so they listened with great interest to everyone. Our CEO, Marten, gave them a crucial note that is needed in entrepreneurship: “What is the most important thing in entrepreneurship? Never give up!”


German Technological School of Pärnu
We also had the pleasure of hosting a visit from the German Technological School of Pärnu. The entire group showed genuine admiration for our organization and the work we do. Some of them even expressed interest in joining us as interns in the future.
We couldn’t have been more delighted to learn that our mission resonated with them just as strongly as it does with us!


HR Community
Another group that paid us a visit was the HR Pärnu Community. Together with Tuuli, Lisenn, Maret, and Kadri, they discussed our hiring and relocation processes, as well as what it’s like to work at Gamecan. Naturally, our Full Cycle Game Academy and ambitious plans for it were part of the conversation as well.
You can see below what an amazing gratitude gift they gave us!


International students from Valmiera with Pärnu Kolledz students
May was truly a hotspot for visitors and our next visitors were the students from Tartu Ülikooli Pärnu Kolledž and Valmiera, all of them specializing in entrepreneurship and project management. Our producer, Ronnie, took the time to provide a comprehensive overview of the diverse roles within our studio, shedding light on each team member’s responsibilities. Additionally, Maret talked about Full Cycle Game Academy and Lisenn elaborated on the difficulties of our relocation process.


Kanal 2 Õhtu! (Evening!)
Our CEO, Marten, made an appearance on the Kanal 2 Õhtu! (Evening!) show. He told the story of our Full Cycle Game Academy and Gamecan. Notably, Marten emphasized that previous experience is not required to join the Academy. All that matters is a passion for learning.


Work shadow
Kärolin had the opportunity to shadow our Head of Marketing and Education, Maret, for a day. The two had a lot to discuss, from managing social media and marketing to education and school management. With Maret’s multifaceted role, their conversations were engaging and enlightening, leaving both Kärolin and Maret thrilled with the experience.


Latitude 59
Three of our team members, Kadri, Maret, and Marten, were happy to attend the Latitude 59 conference. The conference focused on fostering connections between startups and investors, providing an excellent opportunity to network and forge exciting new connections. Our team members had a great time, returning home with many exciting new connections.


For those unfamiliar with Eurovision, it is one of the biggest live music events in the world and immensely popular in Europe. One artist is chosen to represent their home country and only one of them finishes the competition as a winner.
So, naturally, we all gathered at the office to watch it all together. Since we have many people who have never watched it, it was an interesting night for everyone!


Movie Night
Team events are a regular occurrence for us, we all enjoy spending time together even on our days off. So, one evening in May everyone gathered together in the office to have a movie night! The chosen film was Super Mario Bros, which everyone enjoyed. Of course, there were lots of snacks and laughter throughout the whole evening!


Last Demo Day of the School Year
The last Demo Day for Full Cycle Game Academy was full of exciting moments. All the attendees had the chance to play our students’ exciting games. Each team also showcased their final projects. To add to the excitement, we also had a local news station visit us, you can read the Estonian article here.


Graduation Day
After an incredible journey of learning, our first patch of Full Cycle Game Academy students has graduated. We had students from all over the world and are extremely proud of their commitment, hard work, and creativity. We also extend a heartfelt thank you to our lecturers: Cristian Páez, Obiwan Medeiros, Vahab Ahmadvand, Arnold Guarin Ramirez, Leonardo Rocha, Ronnie Legaspi, and Abhilash Ravindran! Their expertise and passion served as guiding lights, inspiring and challenging our students throughout their educational journey. We are immensely grateful for the trust and dedication of our students and our own exceptional lecturers. Congratulations to all the students!


Full Cycle Game Academy admissions end
As May drew to a close, we wrapped up the admissions for Full Cycle Game Academy’s upcoming school year. The response to the admissions was beyond our expectations and we received an incredible number of applicants. Stay tuned to our social media accounts for further updated and exciting announcements.


Welcome to Gamecan!
In May we welcomed 2 new people to our Gamecan team:

  • Matt as Associate Art Director
  • Daniel as Gameplay Programmer

We are happy to have you on the team!

See you next month!

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