November in Gamecan

Dec 7, 2022

In November, it started snowing in Pärnu. We also visited and celebrated fun events and hired new team members!

Gamedev Meetup #5!

At the end of November, the Gamecan team and Full Cycle Game Academy students went to the Gamedev Meetup #5 held by Andrejs Rusinovskis from Gamedev Estonia.

The event was held at an amazing rooftop bar in T1 mall in Tallinn. The first speaker was Ari Arnbjörnsson, from Epic Games and he talked about the lessons he learned from a year of Unreal Engine AAA development. The other two speakers were two of our team members from Gamecan: Leonardo Rocha and Vahab Ahmadvand. They talked about exploring and expanding behavior trees and facilitating the game design process in Unreal Engine.

The speeches were educational and well-presented and the evening was filled with laughter. Everyone got appetizing snacks and free drinks from the bar during the event and the day ended with a delicious dinner.

Big thank you to everyone who came and Gamedev Estonia!

Gamecan team members and Full Cycle students at Gamedev Meetup

Enjoying the snow in Pärnu!

It started snowing in the middle of November here at Pärnu!

This has brought up excitement in the office and for the team members who have never seen snow before. Luckily, everyone was already prepared for winter with the help of the local team members. Furthermore, the Gamecan team can’t wait to start taking part in various winter sports activities.

Andrey and Jéssica enjoying the winter at Pärnu

Celebrating birthdays!

In Gamecan, it’s our tradition to celebrate all the team members’ birthdays. On the 18th of November, we celebrated our junior game developer Obiwan’s birthday. We ate some snacks, drank beverages and had a lot of fun.

Celebrating Obiwan’s birthday

Welcome to Gamecan!

This month we have welcomed so many new people to our Gamecan team!

Four people joined the game development apartment: Zico Bogaerts, a Junior Gameplay Developer; Chandra Sunarseto, a Level Designer; Marja Ild, a Production Coordinator; and Vinaya Kumar Thota, a Technical Animator. Our team also expanded with a new Game Developer Intern Nicolas Lucas Martin.

We are happy to have you all on the team!

See you next month!


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