October in Gamecan

Nov 8, 2022

In October, we moved into the brand new office, had an exciting visit by the Indian ambassador, held fun events and welcomed a lot of new people into the Gamecan team!

Moving into our new office!

On the 1st of October, we moved into our brand-new office!

The moving process has been filled with excitement and teamwork. Since everyone has been eager to work in the new office space, the Gamecan team members have been involved in unpacking the furniture and setting up our new technical workspaces. The whole team is happy with the new office and everyone has settled in nicely.


Ronnie and cooking

In October, we celebrated our producer Ronnie’s birthday! For his birthday, Ronnie treated us to many amazing traditional Filipino dishes. Since he is passionate about food, he wanted to share his dishes with the rest of the team. Every week he puts together a region-based menu and we place our orders. All of the food has been delicious!
Thank you, Ronnie, for the amazing dishes!

Visit from the Indian ambassador Shri Ajaneesh Kumar!

The Indian ambassador of Estonia Shri Ajaneesh Kumar visited Full Cycle Game Academy and Gamecan. 

We were happy to welcome him to our Full Cycle Game Academy classroom and introduce him to the projects that we’re working on as well as showcase our brand-new Gamecan office space. During this visit, we spent time discussing future opportunities and possible cooperation. Our Full Cycle Game Academy students shared their ideas on why this education is essential and why Pärnu is a great city to study game development in. We are proud to have such an important figure as our ambassador visiting us.

Thank you to the ambassador for visiting us and sharing valuable insight!

Happy Halloween!

The spooky season has begun! So of course, we celebrated the spookiest holiday – Halloween! For Halloween, everyone dressed up as their favorite character, ate some candy and the evening ended with a fun gaming session.

Hiking with the team!

During October, some of our team members also went hiking. They went on a long 45km hike from Võstre to the Latvian border. During the trip, they had the chance to pet different animals and crossed cold rivers. The night was spent in an army tent with an oven inside. It was an amazing experience, and it definitely won’t be the last hiking trip with the team!

Welcoming new people into Gamecan!

It’s been a successful month of hiring new employees into Gamecan. This month we have expanded our HR department with Helis, our new head of HR, and Kristel, our HR specialist. In addition, we hired Roman, who is our system administrator, and Daryl who is a technical artist. We also took on board a new social media marketing intern Karita. 

We are happy to have you on the team!

See you next month!

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