October in Gamecan

Nov 21, 2023

October was packed with exciting moments! From business trips to a series of events, topped off with our latest thrilling welcoming party!

Unreal Fest 2023

From October 3 to 5, Maret and Kadri flew to New Orleans to represent our school, Full Cycle Game Academy, at the fantastic Unreal Fest 2023! The incredible journey began with meeting people who teach engineers at NASA how to use Unreal Engine. They also had an exciting meeting with James Butcher from Epic Games, which got us super excited about what’s coming next. The excitement continued when they met Bill Clifford, the VP of Epic Games. He was impressed with our projects in Pärnu, like Full Cycle Game Academy, and Clever Cities, and believed our technical skills were just right for our work at Gamecan and the academy. Aside from work, Maret and Kadri had a blast at the parties! Enjoyed live jazz music, delicious food, and tasty cocktails. A carnival party took the atmosphere scene with arcade games, giving them a taste of how Americans like to party. During this awesome networking experience, our team got the pleasure of being beside Michael Sehgal, who showed them around and introduced them to some really cool people. It was a truly thrilling time!

Pärnu Entrepreneurship Week

In collaboration with Pärnumaa Arenduskeskus and the winners of the “Leadership Masterclass” called “Brackmann’s Heritage”, each member of the master class held a workshop or seminar in various places in Pärnu related to what they’re good at. As part of the business week, our CEO Marten Palu conducted a workshop at Pärnu Ühisgümnaasium which talked about “Pärnu – the best place for me as an entrepreneur”. He took young people from the school inspired, actively thinking, and asking questions in the workshop.

Welcoming Party

This month we had one more big party to celebrate the last newcomers! As always we had so much fun with tasty snacks, laughing, and dancing! It was a great way for everyone to get to know each other and have a good time together.
International Mental Health Day

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, we had a special workshop in the office. Our wellbeing specialist, Tanvi Khanna, led it. We used art therapy to be creative and express ourselves, taking care of our mental well-being. Let’s always remind each other to come together and make mental health a priority!
Mobidictum Network 2023

Mobidictum organized its first international event outside Turkey, right here in Tallinn, our capital city. The event happened at the Tallinn Creative Hub, a fantastic building that used to be a power station’s boiler room. We gathered with the Full Cycle Game Academy’s team, creating new friendships, discovering cool games, and making important connections. During our time together, we had interesting discussions in roundtable talks. Our CEO, Marten Palu, shared insights on how different cultures influence playing games. We proudly showcased our game, Contenders: Arena, and had a fun Time Trial game. The first 20 players who finished it in less than 4 minutes received our special Contenders Universe T-shirts. As we wrapped up the celebration, we were certain that we had one more wonderful experience together.
Pärnu Rannajooks

Annually, Pärnu hosts a sports calendar event, and the running ones are the most popular here. This month they featured a traditional Nordic race during the autumn. Our team had special participants in this race: Arnold and Jessica completed the time 10km race with over 500 people, doing a nice job in the challenge. Additionally, Kelly and Kadi’s children represented bravely our future generation in the kids’ race.
Halloween Fun!

On October 31st, we had our spooky Halloween event at the office! We had a fantastic Halloween snack table all day, filled with delicious treats. Our team wore lots of creative and funny costumes, making everyone smile. In the evening, we kept the festive spirit going with games and a gaming session. It was a day full of fun and laughter!
Welcome new people

In October, we welcomed three new people to our Gamecan team:

  •     Elisha Ramos as UI Artist
  •     Lucas Bernardo as Junior Texture Artist
  •     Letícia Guerra as Associate Producer

We’re thrilled to have you on the team!

Until next month!

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