September in Gamecan

Oct 24, 2023

September was well welcomed with the start of a new school year at Full Cycle, many visitors in our office, amazing gatherings, and much more!

Full Cycle Game Academy Kickstart

The Full Cycle Game Academy has just started a new school year with nearly 100 students from 20 different countries. These students are diving into Game Development, Game Design, Game Art, Sound and Audio, and Project Management.
We celebrated the beginning with a grand opening at the Estonia Resort Hotel, and it was a big success with 150 guests. Our Head of Full Cycle Game Academy, Maret Saluste, and Curriculum Director Cristian Paez gave everyone a warm welcome. We also had industry experts, like Gamecan’s CEO Marten Palu and Andrejs Rusinovskis, Head of GameDev Estonia and Head of HR at Ringtail Studios, who talked about different gaming topics.
After the opening ceremony, everyone got their first look at the Full Cycle Game Academy’s new, high-tech classroom. In the evening, we had a fun Welcoming Party that made the start of this journey in Pärnu super exciting.

Check out the full article on the FCGA blog!

Mobidictum Conference – Istanbul Edition

Marten Palu, Gamecan’s CEO, and Executive Assistant Johannes Penu went to the Mobidictum conference in Istanbul. They shared the amazing things we are doing in Estonia and showed that Gamecan loves to explore new ideas and collaborate with people from all over the world. They also built important connections, brought more knowledge about the game world, shared insights about games, and got people excited about our projects.

Unemployment office visit to Gamecan

We were delighted to welcome a group from Eesti Töötukassa to our office, where they had the chance to explore our world of gaming and education. Eesti Töötukassa is an institution that provides support for job seekers and offers unemployment benefits, significantly impacting the lives of many.
Our HR representative, Tuuli Veetamm, and Education and Marketing Assistant, Kadri Kollamaa, led the visitors on an engaging tour of our office. During the tour, we had meaningful discussions about the unique experience of working at Gamecan and our exciting plans for the new school year at Full Cycle Game Academy.
During their visit, our Producer Abhilash Ravindran, who came to Estonia from all the way from Sri Lanka, shared his personal experiences, the challenges he faced, and his heartfelt impressions of living in the beautiful city of Pärnu.

It was a great opportunity to exchange insights, share experiences, and build bridges between our worlds.

Marten’s Pärnu Postimees Spotlight

This September, Marten Palu, our dynamic CEO, was featured in Pärnu Postimees. The article explored the inspiring journey of Marten and showcased his unwavering commitment to Gamecan, the game development community, and his hometown of Pärnu.
A striking quote from Marten in the article was: “Kui ma maksud ära maksan, tunnen end hästi,” which translates to “When I pay my taxes, I feel good.” It perfectly captures Marten’s sense of responsibility not just towards Gamecan but also towards the broader community. It underscores his dedication to running an ethically sound and community-driven business.
The article further highlighted Marten’s vision for Gamecan, how he navigates the challenges of the ever-evolving game development industry and the ways he gives back to the community, especially by supporting initiatives like the Full Cycle Game Academy. This feature truly cements Marten’s reputation not just as a leader in the game development world but also as a significant figure in Pärnu’s entrepreneurial landscape. Gamecan’s team is incredibly proud to have such a dedicated and forward-thinking CEO leading the charge.

For those who missed it or want to read the full article, you can find it on Pärnu Postimees’s website


MängudeÖÖ: A Blast for Gamers in Estonia

MängudeÖÖ is a big gaming party in Estonia that gets hundreds of game fans together every year. This time, we had our own booth, and everyone got a sneak peek of our current project in development, Contenders: Arena! We were there for about 5 hours straight, and players got to meet our team and tell us what they thought about the game. Some students from Full Cycle Game Academy came along, and they got a real taste of the game world we’re creating. But that’s not all – we also had a great time playing games, checking out a cool game museum, watching cosplayers, and more.

It was an amazing night, and we’re already looking forward to the next one!
Team’s Homemade Lunch

To mark Matt’s first week at our office, he brought us a dish from his hometown, Berlin – the Original Berliner Currywurst mit Pommes Rot Weiß. It’s a unique sausage and fries combo made from pigs that have been fed apples all their lives. We’re always excited about the culinary talents within our team, which introduce us to an amazing international gastronomy experience.

Movie Session

As this isn’t new, our team has great connections as good friends! Out of our work time, our office becomes our team member’s favorite spot to gather to play games or simply relax. When the warm summer days give way to cooler ones, one of the pastimes that we love is picking out good movies, preparing tasty snacks, and enjoying long sessions together.

Welcome to Gamecan!

In September, we welcomed four new people to our Gamecan team:

  •     Tuuli Raam as Office Assistant
  •     Karel Alliku as Specialist in Education and Marketing
  •     Kadi Suviste as Healthcare Provider
  •     Vasily Provotorov as Senior Lighting Artist

We are happy to have you on the team!


See you next month!

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