Graphic Design Intern

Pärnu, Estonia


Graphic Design Intern

You will be joining our office in the Pärnu city center in a brand-new office space and work together with a kick-ass team.

Job description

Gamecan is looking for a talented Graphic Design Intern to join the marketing team and create engaging and on-brand graphics for both Gamecan and Full Cycle Game Academy!


  • You are fluent in English,
  • You have previous experience in graphic design,
  • You have basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop,
  • You know how to create designs for different media formats, specially social media.
  • You have a genuine passion to improve your graphic design skills!


  • Work together with the marketing team, to create different cohesive designs for different media types.
  • Creating marketing materials for Full Cycle Game Academy & Gamecan’s marketing platforms.
  • Here are some examples of the designs you are going to create during your internship:

Good to have

  • It’s good to have some knowledge of After Effects & 3D

What do we have to offer

  • The office is in a new development right in the center of Pärnu, providing an easy commute and proximity to all the stores and restaurants.
  • Adjustable desks – stand, sit, squat, or hang from the ceiling!
  • Powerful desktop machines to work on – the PC waits for you, not the other way around.
  • 1Gbit/s internet speed in the office, typically 300Mb/s at home.
  • We are crazy about taking time off with new and old video games, a day at the spa, sauna, or the beach (yes, Pärnu has a kickass beach!). A rested developer is a happy developer!
  • The team is phenomenal – nearly 40 people who are amazing to each other.
  • The living costs in Pärnu are extra low. Even the most expensive apartments in the center have their rent of around 400-500€ per month. 
  • The living environment is probably one of the best and safest in the region. Check it out yourself:
  • We work in a nurturing company culture where personal growth is highly valued. Your professional skills will also get buffed at the speed of light.
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